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If I could give zero stars I would!!

Please, if you are in need of an arrangement being delivered for a special occasion, do not, I repeat...DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Especially if youre arranging delivery for a funeral.

Let me provide a recommendation up front about funeral deliveries and then Ill proceed with my experience.

Following the DISASTER that occurred with JustFlowers, a local florist shared knowledge that made a lot of sense. These middleman companies have to make money. The florist I spoke with said she removed her company from the network when she realized what was happening to customers. What happens is this: Lets say you see an arrangement on a website thats $100.

Since the service has to make money, they may offer the florist only $60. The florist creates the arrangement based on the amount theyre being paid. Thats why some people wonder why flimsy arrangements are being delivered. Its because the recipient is receiving exactly what the service paid for.

Interested in an arrangement thats $75? Well good luck with that! Youll probably have something valued at $35 delivered. As far as funerals are concerned, the best advice I can offer at this point is to call the funeral home handling the arrangements and request they refer you to a local florist.

That way youll have a better chance of getting what you actually paid for.

Now, on to my experience. I placed an order with JustFlowers recently on a Saturday for a funeral that was scheduled to take place the following Wednesday. A group of friends and I pitched in on the arrangement and paid extra so it could be delivered in time for the viewing, which was the following Tuesday. On Sunday, I called JustFlowers customer service to confirm the delivery.

I also requested a picture of the arrangement, as I wanted to have a visual to ensure the quality was comparable to what we actually paid. At any rate, the rep informed me the department responsible for approving the request wasnt in on Sundays. I agreed to follow up that Monday, which I did. I spoke with another rep who informed me the only thing she could do was put a request for a picture in the system but its up to the florist as to whether they want to send one.

I asked for the florist contact information and she told me she couldnt share it. I asked her to call the florist to see if they could send me a picture and she placed me on hold. I remained on hold for about 3-4 mins while she supposedly called. She returned and told me the florist had been made aware of the request.

I requested confirmation the arrangement would be delivered by 1pm the next day, in time for the viewing. She confirmed.

Tuesday, I call bright and early to confirm the arrangement would be delivered on time. I also wanted to confirm whether I would receive a picture. The rep then indicated, Yes, I see your order is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.

WTF!!! Ummm no!! It was supposed to be delivered that day!! Anyway, the rep supposedly placed me on hold to call the florist and came back and told me the florist wasnt able to deliver the arrangement Tuesday and it would have to be delivered that Wednesday.

At this point Im fuming and asking what theyre gonna do to make the situation right. I was then told I would receive a refund for the expedited delivery + 10%. This was a joke but at this point, my main concern was to ensure the arrangement was delivered. Later that day, I called back to confirm delivery for the next day.

I spoke to a different rep, who informed me they had already been in touch with the florist and the arrangement would be delivered on time. The rep even provided the time of the funeral, which gave me some level of comfort because I didnt provide this information. It led me to believe they had done their homework. I asked if the rep could follow up with the florist about sending the pic.

She placed me on hold and came back to inform me the florist was aware of the request and would send the pic. I called later that day to confirm arrangements again, this time speaking to someone named Donna. Donna confirmed the delivery but indicated the florist wanted to know if they could deliver a wreath as opposed to the spray arrangement we ordered. My response to that was NO!

We wanted what we paid for delivered. Donna assured me of delivery the next day. In addition, I also received an email indicating in order to ensure ontime delivery, the florist needed to substitute some of the flowers they would be using. They were going to deliver a Designers Choice arrangement.

I called JustFlowers back, again, to inquire about what this meant and was told that some of the flowers included in the arrangement online were out of season. That said, they needed to substitute them. At this point Im willing to except the substitution as long as the quality of the arrangement is the same or better than the one we paid for. The rep assured me it would be and confirmed the Wednesday delivery.

Well, Wednesday gets here and I call JustFlowers early that morning to confirm delivery for that day.

The rep tells me the arrangement wouldnt be getting delivered because the delivery location was outside of the delivery radius for the florists they deal with. Are you kidding me!!! I started calling on Sunday! Monday and Tuesday they were supposedly placing me on hold to consult with the florist.

Obviously they were lying to me the entire time. The excuse they gave was the florist accepted the order but didnt notify them until the day of the funeral that the address was outside of their delivery radius. This was extremely embarrassing, as I had to inform my friends at the last minute the arrangement would not be getting delivered.

On a positive note, I received a full refund about 2 days later but of the arrangement would have been much better. Sorry for the lengthy details but just wanted everyone to know you are taking a huge risk if you decide to order from JustFlowers!

Preferred solution: Apology.

Justflowers Pros: Nona.

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