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I ordered from justflowers.com and they called to confirm everything. The next day, what showed up was a small purple arrangement (with some plastic flowers) instead of a large, white flower standing arrangement that was supposed to have a banner that said "Beloved Grandfather".

I paid $200 and what was delivered was maybe worth $30. It was so upsetting because there was nothing that could be done to fix it and I just wanted to show my grandfather that I loved him. If they couldn't deliver on the order, they should have let me know so that I could have ordered from someone else!

I've also been hold with their customer service multiple times and left messages and no one has responded back to me. justflowers chat was ended after I asked for a refund.

Product or Service Mentioned: Justflowers Arrangement.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Orange, California, United States #812373

PS posting the picture online makes you look more foolish, none of those flowers are plastic as you claim, so not only are you sick but a liar as well. Bet your grandpa is real proud, you ruined your whole review by asking for a refund which makes you look like you care more about the $270 that is owed to you than your own grandpa, Also the REAL flowers that you got are worth more than $30, nice trying to scam a company over your "loved" grandpa's funeral.

to Anonymous #991744

Are you serious ? The picture this person posted of the actual arrangement looks NOTHING like the one that Just Flowers had on the order page.

So what is your point. Just because this was a funeral arrangement has nothing to do with this person being ripped off. They did not deliver the product as displayed and ordered, PERIOD. And the actual arrangement looks like $50 max.

I would be pissed too !!!

Orange, California, United States #812370

You are sick, your grandpa just died and you are asking for a refund on the flowers, you sure don't have your priorities straightened out, by whining because you don't have a refund shows that you don't love him. He won't know anyway because he is dead.

It is a shame that you care more about the refund than your grandpa.

I bet just flowers feels the same way about your priorities. I hope you get your refund back since that is obviously more important than your grandpa.

to kevin richards #825186

tip..when you post twice on one thing it is a good idea to not post the city we know both of those comments are yours kevin richards same writing style...As for the flowers she should get her money back because they did a bait and switch.Just flowers should be taken out of business just read all the complaints about them on this website alone.

to me #991749

You definitely hit the nail on the head "me". That is classic bait and switch.

An arrangement that cost $50 max versus paying for a $270 one. I don't blame the person for being angry. And how on earth would that be being disrespectful to the spirit of the person's grandfather ?

That does not even make sense. I would wonder if this isn't someone connected to Just Flowers.

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